Key speakers and panelists

More names to follow...

Acko Ankarberg Johansson
Minister for Health Care, Sweden

Yann Le Cam
Chief Executive Officer of
EURORDIS - Rare Diseases Europe

Anna Wedell
Prof. Medical Genetics, Director of Precision Medicine Center, Karolinska University Hospital

Caroline Åkerhielm
Chair, Rare Diseases Sweden

Satu Wedenoja
Chief Physician, Finnish lnstitute for Health and Welfare

Ricardo Marek
President Europe & Canada, Takeda

Ludovic Helfgott
Executive Vice President and Head of Rare Diseases, Novo Nordisk

Birthe Byskov Holm
Chair, Rare Diseases Denmark,
EURORDIS Board Member

Alexander Natz
Secretary General,

Katja Murray
Senior Director, Strategic Communication, Healthcare & Life Science, Europe,
FTI Consulting

Adam Hutchings
CEO of DOLON - Consultancy
specialising in Rare Diseases

Line Friis Frederiksen
Biologist, science journalist

Lars Ehlers
CEO, Nordic Institute of
Health Economics

Pernille Weiss
Member of the European
Parliament, Denmark

Jørn Schultz-Boysen
Vice President, HAE Scandinavia 

Jenni Nordborg
Director of International Affairs, Lif - the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden

Anders Olauson
Chair of Ågrenska,
Chair of EUPATI foundation

Geir Lippestad
Lawyer, Rare
disease advocate, Norway

Karolina Antonov
Head of Analysis, Lif - the research-based pharmaceutial industry in Sweden

Lene Jensen
Chief Executive Officer, Rare
Diseases Denmark

Niklas Hedberg
Chief Pharmacist, The Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency, Sweden, Chair of EUnet HTA Executive Board

Mikko Seppänen
Prof. Chief Physician, HUS Rare
Disease Center

Katri Asikainen
CEO, HARSO - The Finnish Alliance of Rare Diseases and Disabilities Organizations

Johan Färnstrand
CEO, Lif - the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden

Marie Stenmark Askmalm
Senior Physician, Clinical Genetics,
Skåne University Hospital

Amanda Whittal
Lead Consultant, Dolon – Consultancy specialising in Rare Diseases

Simone Boselli
Director of Public Affairs, EURORDIS - Rare Diseases Europe

Tina Taube
Director Market Access & Orphan Drug Policy Lead, EFPIA - The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations 

Cecilia Gunnarsson
Head of Centre for Rare Diseases in Southeast Region of Sweden

Stephanie Juran
Project Manager, Researcher,
Rare Diseases Sweden

Elham Pourazar
Strategist, Innovation and Partnership, Region Västerbotten

Jón Jóhannes Jónsson
Medical Director, Department of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Landspitali University Hospital​

Maria Johansson Soller
Head of Department, Clinical Genetics, Karolinska University Hospital

Jørgen Schøler Kristensen
Chair of the Medicine Council, Denmark

Ingunn Westerheim
President, The Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Federation Europe (OIFE)

Sheela Upadhyaya
Chair of Together4RD Steering Group, Special Adviser to FIPRA International

Truls Vasvik
Member of The Standing Committee on Health and Care Services in the
Norwegian Parliament

Oskar Ahlberg
Member of the Board of Directors for Rare Diseases Sweden

Guðrún Helga Harðardóttir
CEO, Unique Children in Iceland

Tony Hoos
Head of R&D and Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer, Sobi

Erling Ulltveit
Senior Advisor at Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway (LMI)

Anna Nergårdh
Physician and specialist in cardiology and internal medicine, Senior Healthcare Advisor, Rud Pedersen

Hans Winberg
Secretary General, Leading Healthcare

Victor Maertens
Government Affairs Manager, EUCOPE, Together4RD Steering Group member

Walter Atzori
Senior Director, Head of International Patient Advocacy, Alexion AstraZeneca Rare Disease

Anna Alassaad
Senior Coordinator, The Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency, Sweden

Sofie Alverlind
Coordinator and Project Leader, The Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency, Sweden

Daniel Scherman
Prof. Director of the Foundation For Rare Diseases

Lena Lövqvist
PhD. Programme Officer at the Unit of Highly Specialized Care, The National Board of Health and Welfare, Sweden

Annemieke Ålenius
Special Investigator, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Swedish Government Offices